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Used containers

Containers dominated the maritime transportation market and are also an increasingly common choice for road transportation. For many companies , they also serve as a warehouse and individuals, as well as offices and social rooms. The advantage of containers is long-lasting use, so they can quietly serve several decades.

Due to the long life, containers in its cycle of performance often change the owner. No wonder then that used containers are very popular on the sales market. Their main advantage is an attractive price compared to a new container. They are available in all unified sizes (10', 20', 40', 45') and in all types (shipping containers, refrigerated containers, office containers). 

Used containers, apart from traces of wear and tear, have a fully operational mechanism and are characterized by complete tightness, so that the goods still have security inside. They have different year of manufacture, so the client can match the container to his needs. The containers can also be refurbished including repair of corroded areas, sandblasting and repainting in the desired color. The container then gains freshness and full efficiency.

kontenery morskie

Used containers can also be subjected to modifications, giving them a whole new functionality. It is not a problem to convert a used shipping container into a catering outlet, or office space, or specialized storage, such as for gases or liquids.

At Eco Containers, we sell and rent used containers. We also subject them to any repairs, and refrigerated containers additionally have guarantee service at our authorized service center. Our modification department also custom-modifies them, so they get a "new life" gaining new functionality.

The most popular used containers available in the offer:

The container 20'DC in the used option is a fully operational container that bears traces of use but is more attractively priced than a new container. It measures 6 m being thus one of the most popular types on the market. The container will fit 11 Europallets

The 12 m container 40'DC in the used version is a fully operational container that bears traces of wear and tear. The container can accommodate 25 Europallets, and its maximum load capacity is 26,710 kg. It works well on a daily basis both in transportation and serving as a storage facility.

Refrigerated container 20'RF is a container that has been renovated and repainted, thanks to which it is fully functional. It is powered by a Starcool or ThermoKing aggregate, which are responsible for maintaining the temperature from -30°C to +30°C.

The 40'HC container is 12 m long and is about 30 cm higher than the 40'DC container, making it easier to load. It holds 25 Europallets. Although the container has signs of wear and tear, it is leaktight and fully operational.

The 40'HC Palletwide container is both a raised (by 30 cm) and widened (by 6 cm) container, which is adapted for loading pallets with goods in it. Its width allows loading up to 30 pallets. This container bears traces of use but is fully operational and tight.

The elevated refrigerated container 40'HCRF is a used model that has undergone extensive renovation in the form of sandblasting and repainting. It is 12 m long and is a High Cube Reefer type, which means it is 30 cm taller than a standard refrigerated container. The refrigerated container is supplied by a chiller: Carrier, Daikin, Starcool or Thermoking, allowing you to regulate the temperature from -30°C to 30°C.

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