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The industry as a branch of the economy is constantly evolving, often looking for auxiliary solutions in its business fields. Containers, on the other hand, have repeatedly demonstrated their application potential. Hence, their use in various industries is very profitable. Containers for the industry are actually many diversified modifications. They can be containers for carrying all kinds of industrial goods, which sometimes require additional improvements inside like special fastenings or sterility and additional safety features. Containers can also be modified from the outside by cutting appropriate openings or inserting windows or doors.

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The raw look of the container gives a huge range of possibilities for modification, which includes: cutting, bending, welding, painting and installation of any equipment. Industrial containers are modified in terms of space, size and equipment. Our company will easily adapt the container to your needs.

container adaptations and modifications
Container conversions Sea container processing
refrigerated industrial container

In our realizations, we can boast of such projects as industrial gas storage, liquid storage, energy banks, transformer rooms, or shooting range. Each of our projects has been tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Mobile laboratory Container conversions

Our containers have properly made insulation and soundproofing. They are also often equipped with all kinds of installations, mainly electrical, but also water and sewage or fire protection. Depending on the intended use, they may also have anti-burglary protection. Each container also has the appropriate internal equipment, which is often made from scratch by our production team, as we have the machinery facilities to make specific items.

combined refrigerated containers
Container power bank Sea container modifications
matryoshka container

The category of containers for the industry also includes containers for the military, which they serve in many ways, including on training grounds or in the field. As a rule, they have a storage function, such as warehouses for weapons or other equipment. These containers have thickened plating, as well as a number of safety features so that they are safe and airtight.

Mobile shooting range Modular container hall

Each modification is an individual project, which will be taken care of by our specialists. They will propose appropriate solutions, materials and security features so that the container performs all the functions dedicated to the task. The finished container will be delivered to the indicated place throughout the Polish and European Union.

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