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Nowadays, entertainment in the world is constantly evolving and takes place in many ways - from art and culture to mass concerts and events. In larger cities, special facilities such as music clubs, theaters, cinemas and sports arenas are prepared for entertainment. However, many entertainment services are increasingly beginning to move to non-obvious locations. This is often related to the scale of the event and the lack of possibilities, such as accommodating a given number of people in an enclosed facility. Especially in the summer, the outdoors has a role to play when it comes to concerts or festivals. A good example is, for example, Tommorowland in Belgium or the Polish Pol and Rock Festival. Event containers are perfect for these types of events.

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Event and exhibition containers - perfect for outdoor events

They can stand as catering containers with food or bar containers that are a beer stand. The container can also serve as a mini stage, or in the form of an exhibition container, for example, with souvenirs or gadgets to buy. The advantage of event containers is that after the event is over, they can be taken away and stored until the next event. This is possible due to their mobility.

bar catering container
dining event container kontener gastronomiczny
bar event container

Event containers can also be combined into larger modules to create a sizable area that can be, for example, a covered rest area or a dining area at a food court. The containers roofing allows for dining regardless of the weather. The containers can be connected along both the long wall and the short wall, so the resulting structures can be of various sizes. It is also not a problem to connect containers vertically using a staircase.

catering event container catering and exhibition container

Event containers can also be sanitary containers, which are gaining more popularity than plastic portable toilet. They have, in addition to toilets, often a washbasin, making it easier to keep the public place clean. A display container can also be used as a ticket office or customer service point. In fact, the purpose of the container depends on the nature of the event.

exhibition event container
exhibition container event containers
sanitary event container

Our modification department manufactures event containers in all sizes. These containers are both new and used. Whether our client needs a bar container, an exhibition container or a sanitary container, our specialists will match the purpose of the container to individual needs. We make both single containers and whole modular complexes. We finish the containers on a turnkey basis and transport the finished product to the place intended for it.

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