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Office containers

Office containers are a group of containers that work mainly on construction sites and beyond. They mainly act as a mobile office, which every construction site needs, and also work well as offices and watchtowers in non-obvious places. It is also a good alternative for small entrepreneurs who want to reduce office maintenance costs. Every construction site needs a place where construction materials and tools can be safely stored. Instead of a makeshift hut, it is worth setting up a construction container, which protects from the weather, insulates from moisture, as well as protects from theft.

Office containers, in addition to their office and storage functions, can also serve as a locker room and canteen for the crew. Clean and pleasing to the eye, the interior of the container is enriched as standard with electrical installation, oil heater, lamps, as well as windows and doors where we install additional security features.

The advantage of office containers is the ability to quickly transport containers, change their interior and function, which is a great solution for many companies. In a very simple yet inexpensive way you can create your own place to conduct business, receive clients and negotiate with them. 

The office container is ready for use as soon as it is delivered to the site. The only your cost is the cost of renting or buying the container. The interior can be arranged according to your needs and taste. Thanks to the installed windows and arranging the interior to your liking, sitting inside such a room can feel like a traditional brick building. Containers can be connected to the power and water supply, which allows you to place sanitary facilities and organize social space. Also, a storied office is not a problem - the containers can be combined with each other as desired. The outer walls can take any color from the RAL palette.

Types of office containers

Office container soft type

Office container soft type is a typical office container, which will work well on the construction site as well as in the open air. It is built of cold-formed profiles, and the walls are made of interchangeable panels of sandwich construction, with trapezoidal sheet finish on the outside. It has doors and windows and is equipped with an electrical system. Office containers can be joined together and stacked up to 3 levels.

Construction container strong type

Construction container strong type comes in a 20-foot elevated version (20'HC). On the construction site, it proves itself as a storage for tools and equipment, which is protected from all weather conditions. The construction container is equipped with electrical installation, LED lamps and a heater, so it can also serve as a social room in the form of a checkroom or canteen.

KOMBI office and warehouse container

KOMBI office-warehouse container is a combination of office and warehouse in a 20'HC container. It is ideal for construction sites where you need a small office and space to store tools and equipment. Each part has a separate entrance, so that the two spaces are completely separated from each other. The area of the office part in the KOMBI container is 7,3 m2, while the storage part is 5,3 m2. The container is equipped with electrical installation.

Advantages of office containers:

Mobility of the office thanks to the possibility of transporting the container
Possibility of arrangement according to own needs
Equipped with windows, doors, electrical installation and LED lamps
Possibility of adapting the space for an office, warehouse or social rooms

Containers for sale

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Does the office container have electrical installation?

Yes, each office container is equipped with full electrical installation.

What is the difference between an office container and a construction container?

Office container differs from construction container in structure. The construction container is built on the basis of a 20'HC shipping container, while the office container has a separate frame built of cold-formed profiles similar in size to 20'HC. The walls of the office container are not steel walls as in the case of the construction container, but made of interchangeable panels of sandwich construction.

How much does an office container weigh?

An office container weighs about 2.5 t.

Can office containers be stacked?

Office containers can be stacked up to 3 stories.

What is the electrical connection of the office container?

The external installation connection is made on the basis of a 5x32 A power outlet and plug. The power installation is 230V sockets.

What is the insulation of the office container?

The office container has 60 mm thick mineral wool insulation on the walls. In addition, there is a polyethylene film. On the inside, the container is finished with 12 mm thick laminated particleboard. The floor and roof has 100 mm mineral wool insulation and additionally polyethylene film and 22 mm thick P5 particle board. On the inside, the floor is additionally finished with a 2 mm PVC carpet in gray.