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Sales of shipping containers

Shipping containers are the most popular type of container, coming in unified dimensions of 10', 20', 40' and 45'. The sale of shipping containers is a desirable service nowadays, thanks to which you can use the acquired container in any way you want, including for sea or land transport, and also as a warehouse. There are many more ways to use shipping containers, and nowadays they have little limitation, as each container can be customized.

The most popular containers available in the offer

The shipping container 20'DC is a brand new product, after one sea voyage from the manufacturer. It measures 6 m and can accommodate 11 Europallets. The maximum load capacity counts 28,235 kg.

The container 20'DC in the used option is a fully operational container that bears traces of use but is more attractively priced than a new container. It measures 6 m being thus one of the most popular types on the market. The container will fit 11 Europallets

40'HC in the new version is a container that is after one sea trip from the manufacturer, the so-called one-way. It comes in a version that is elevated by 30 cm from the standard container. The container is 12 m long and holds 25 Europallets inside.

The 40'HC container is 12 m long and is about 30 cm higher than the 40'DC container, making it easier to load. It holds 25 Europallets. Although the container has signs of wear and tear, it is leaktight and fully operational.

The container 45'HCPW is the most capacious container available on the market. It bears signs of wear and tear, however, it is a full-priced product. The container has a cargo capacity of 29,740 kg and can hold 33 Europallets.

Selling shipping containers these days is an increasingly popular service, thanks to growing consumerist lifestyles around the world. Shipping goods in containers is currently the most popular form of transportation, which means that demand for them continues to grow. In addition, the use of shipping containers as mobile storage facilities is becoming increasingly popular, as they and their contents can be transported to another location if necessary. They can also serve as an office, sanitary, or social facilities, as well as be modified so that we get, for example, a residential or catering container.

Among the advantages of the most popular shipping containers is undoubtedly the reduction of transport costs, possible through the consolidation of small cargoes. Then also the insurance rate is lower - the risk of cargo loss or damage is reduced. The use of fewer means of transportation also contributes to environmental care. Unified dimensions guarantee the same size of containers around the world. This is a convenience for logistics as well.

At Eco Containers, we offer the sales of shipping containers in different size variants and also with many applications. We sell shipping containers of standard as well as elevated (by about 30 cm) height sizes of 10', 20', 40' and 45'. In addition, our offer includes special containers, i.e.: insulated containers, open top, flat rack, bulk, double door, offshore or full side access.

We offer for sale new containers and used containers. Both types are fully operational, but used containers are more attractive in terms of price due to wear and tear. We also offer some types of containers as refurbished containers. Mainly, however, we renovate containers at the request of the client.