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Rental of sanitary containers

Outdoor event or maybe a construction site? These are just some of the places where sanitary containers perfectly fulfill their application. Thanks to them, access to sanitary facilities is possible in unconventional places. They come in different variants, so the user can adjust the size and equipment to suit his needs.

The most popular containers available in the offer

Standard sanitary container is a 20' container that serves as the basic equipment of any construction site or outdoor office. It is equipped with toilets and sinks, electrical installation, LED lighting, and windows and doors. It has the possibility of stacking up to three floors.

Standard sanitary container EC_02 The sanitary container is a multi-station washroom with many stations on both sides of the container. It serves well both as a single module and as part of a multi-module sanitary facility. The washroom has hot water thanks to an electric water heater.

The social-office container is a 6-meter model with usable space that can be used, for example, as an office, as well as a sanitary part that is a small bathroom with a sink and toilet bowl. So it is ideal for a small office with sanitary facilities. This container can also increase its area by stacking up to 3 stories.

Welfare and office container with WC and shower EC_04 A social and office container with a toilet and shower is ideal, for example, on construction sites, where social space combined with a toilet and shower allows you to relax and refresh after work. It can be stacked up to 3 floor.

The multifunctional sanitary container is fully equipped with the necessary sanitary elements. It is 6 m long and, thanks to its rich equipment including sinks, showers and toilets, it is a full-fledged sanitary facility for the workers' crew. The arrangement of the equipment can be at your discretion. It is also equipped with windows and doors as well as LED lighting.

Sanitary containers have a growing group of users due to their expanding range of applications. Office containers erected in off-road locations need space with sanitary facilities. Likewise, at any construction site, the crew should have access to sanitary buildings  , the same applies outdoor events where a significant number of people gather. It is an ideal alternative to portable toilets, as it is better equipped. 

The advantage of sanitary containers is their mobility and eco-friendliness. They also come in a version with a septic tank. Water is usually heated thanks to an electric heater. They can have toilets alone or sink tubs, and can also be a small bathroom, sharing their space with an office.

Renting sanitary containers is very cost-effective if, for example, you run a seasonal business and need access to sanitary facilities only for a limited period of time, or for short-term for outdoor events. It will also work well for small businesses where buying a sanitary container is too much of a cost. Sanitary containers can be rented for a week, a month or six months and can be easily surrendered or extended. At Eco Containers, we also provide container delivery throughout Poland and Europe.