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Rental of refrigerated containers

Renting refrigerated containers is an ideal option for any seasonal activity, where we need, for example, to cool products during the summer. However, they are also applicable on a daily basis in industries such as catering, retail or medical, where products need constant  conditions. In such cases, cold store rental will also be a good solution.

The most popular containers available in the offer

The refrigerated container 20'RF is a brand new product, after one sea voyage from the manufacturer. It is supplied by Carrier, Starcool, or Thermoking chillers, so the temperature inside can range from -30°C to +30°C, regardless of external conditions. The load capacity of the 6-meter refrigerated container is 20,950 kg, and it can accommodate 10 Europallets.

Refrigerated container 20'RF is a container that has been renovated and repainted, thanks to which it is fully functional. It is powered by a Starcool or ThermoKing aggregate, which are responsible for maintaining the temperature from -30°C to +30°C.

40'HCRF is a new refrigerated container after one sea voyage from the manufacturer. It is 30 cm higher than a standard refrigerated container. This container is 12 m long and can hold 23 Europallets inside. The container is of the Domestic type, so it has a flat floor and energy-saving LED lighting.

The elevated refrigerated container 40'HCRF is a used model that has undergone extensive renovation in the form of sandblasting and repainting. It is 12 m long and is a High Cube Reefer type, which means it is 30 cm taller than a standard refrigerated container. The refrigerated container is supplied by a chiller: Carrier, Daikin, Starcool or Thermoking, allowing you to regulate the temperature from -30°C to 30°C.

The elevated, expandable refrigerated container 45'HCRF Palletwide is one of the roomiest containers available on the market. Thanks to Carrier or Thermoking chillers, the temperature in the container is maintained in the range from -30°C to 30°C. It has a maximum load capacity of 27,550 kg and can hold 33 Europallets.

Refrigerated containers are a type of container that is dedicated to goods with special storage conditions. They are cuboid containers that come in unified sizes, just like shipping containers, and correspond to 3 m, 6 m, 12 m and 13.6 m in length. What makes a refrigerated container different from a standard container is the chiller that supplies the container and maintains the desired temperature inside between -30°C and +30°C.

Each refrigerated container must have a PTI - Pre-Trip Inspection certificate, confirming the efficiency of its refrigeration system and approval for use. The guarantee of the usefulness of the installed chiller is a sticker with the date of the last technical inspection.

Buying a container involves a not inconsiderable financial outlay, which can be an insurmountable barrier for smaller companies. There are also seasonal activities, where investment in a container serving only two months a year is not profitable. A good solution in such cases is a cold store rental. The client decides for himself what lease period he is interested in and how much storage space he needs at any given time. He also doesn't have to worry about repairs and maintenance or technical inspection of the unit. 

We have a large selection of refrigerated containers for long-term and short-term rental. These include regular, Domestic, SuperStore, Blast freezer and Isotherm containers. When we rent containers, we ensure that they are tailored to the client's needs, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of the chillers. We realize that the renter must be sure that his goods will not lose their properties during storage or transportation.

Most of our cold stores for rent are equipped with a WAM telemetry device. We can remotely change the temperature, humidity, perform PTI, defrost the cold store, record historical data, review system errors and check the location of the container.